Aims & Scopes

The Journal „Economy and Market Communication Review“ (EMC Review) was established in 2011 with the aim of publishing scientific and professional papers in the area of economy and market communication as well as their boundary areas. With focus on Southeast Europe region this journal publishes scientific and professional papers that cover wide range of subjects in economy and market communications in order to expand and enhance existing knowledge, stimulate discussions and reflection on contemporary topics from the indicated areas. EMC Review is international peer-reviewed journal with an open access (OA) and it is dedicated to the highest ethical and professional standards, including zero tolerance for plagiarism and other unacceptable forms of work.

Upon its acceptance the paper is categorized as follows: (i) Original Scientific Papers, (ii) Preliminary Reports, (iii) Reviews, and (iv) Professional Papers.

Original scientific paper, which contains the results of an original scientific research unpublished to date. Original scientific papers should report about original theoretical or practical research results. The given data must be sufficient in order to enable the experiment to be repeated with all effects described by the author, measurement results, or theoretical calculations.

Preliminary report, which contains the new results of a scientific research, useful to be published promptly. Preliminary report present one or more new scientific results but without details that allow the reported data to be checked. The papers of this category inform about experimental research, small research projects, or progress reports that are of interest.

Review, which contains an original, concise and critical review of an area and provides a contribution given the papers published to date. Reviews cover the state-of-art and tendencies in the development of a specific theory, technology and application with given remarks by the author. Such a paper ends with a list of references with all the necessary items in the related field.

Professional paper, which contains useful contributions from and for the profession but does not necessarily represent an original research. Professional papers report on the original design of an instrument, device, or equipment not necessarily resulting from the original research.The paper contributes to the application of well-known scientific results and to their adaptation for practical use.

The author should propose and argument the category of the submitted article. Papers presented at scientific conferences can also be published in the Journal upon the agreement of the conference organizer and the author.

The scopes include:

  • Marketing,
  • Management,
  • Global economy,
  • Business economy,
  • Market and competition,
  • Socio-economic development,
  • Media and Business Communications,
  • Research and Development in Economy.