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Here you can find „Instructions to authors“:

Here you can find Statement of authorship and copyright:

The Journal „Economy and Market Communication Review – Časopis za ekonomiju i tržišne komunikacije“ (EMC Review) is published twice a year, in June and December. Papers should be submitted in the languages of B&H, Latin or English, exclucively electronically, to the email address od editorail by 30th March for June, and 30th August for December issue. Editorial board will submit manuscript to editors competent for a respective area. Author’s identity will not be revealed to the editors, and vice versa. Throughout the whole year, the journal is open for communication with all interested inland and foreign authors.

Based on the reviews, editorial board decides on paper publishing andinforms the author within 3 months from paper receipt. Papers should be prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Authors. The statement of authorship is confirmed by the act of submitting the paper for publication and by approving the publication of the paper in the journal, and the copyright is transferred to the publisher of the journal. It is also confirmed that the paper does not infringe copyrights or rights of any third party, and that it follow.

Here you can find International standards for authors: